FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do I get my designs?

After you have completed the transaction through Pay Pal, you receive a confirmation of payment from Pay Pal.  You then click the link in the Pal Pal confirmation to return to Basketkasedesigns.  Go into your account and download your files.  

I need a design format that is not listed?
You may want to contact us before you buy to make sure we have the ability to convert to the form at you need. There are some formats that are no longer available to convert. Just go to our CONTACT page and send us a quick note. We'll get back with you as fast as we are able.

Why are there multiple SEW files?
When a design is larger or has numerous colors, it will create as many SEW files as the program needs to complete the design.

Can I get a different design size?
Most designs can be increased or decreased in size. If needed, just Contact us.

Where is the clipart source identified?
When required the clipart source is identified with each specific design.

How do I find out about a need that is not addressed in these questions?
Just mosey on over to our contact us page. We'll be glad to talk with you and find a way to help you get that special project done.

Why do my designs remain in the cart after I purchase them?

Due to an existing program error, If the customer doesn't go to another page on your website after completing the order (e.g. they close the browser) that database cart info won't be cleared out.  Please click continue after purchase instead of closing the page.  Closing the page does not send the proper confirmation to your cart signaling that the items should be cleared.  Clicking continue does send the signal to the database and your cart will be cleared automatically.